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Why Facebook Ads are the Best Thing In Digital Advertising

The world of digital advertising can be complex and confusing. Which channels and tactics should you invest in? In this article I provide four main reasons why no other digital advertising gets you better results than Facebook.

Top 5 Tips For Sales & Marketing Alignment

I understand what both departments go through. Between having 20 years of professional sales in my background and presently running a full-funnel inbound marketing agency in Tampa, there isn’t much I haven’t experienced first-hand. However, after working with sales and marketing teams closely over the last 5 years, there is one thing that requires me to keep fundamentals at the forefront of my consulting: culture.

The culture of a company is the context for which sales and marketing teams exist and work together. The healthier the culture, the easier it is for the two teams to collaborate. Although we can’t unpack all of this here, we can discuss some of the fundamentals that apply in every culture, regardless of its level of health.

The big goal to keep your eye on is creating a true “smarketing” environment. Hubspot defines smarketing as the alignment between your sales and marketing teams through frequent and direct communication.

How to Use Calendar Mapping to Attract Influencers

Influencers have long been leveraged in marketing strategies to extend reach and enhance credibility. What exactly are influencers? They are the leaders that your target market trusts for advice. If your goal is to get the attention of new customers while gaining their trust, utilizing the power of influencers is a great avenue.

In this blog you will learn ways to identify your market’s influencers, leverage them for growth and position your brand or business for ongoing success with influencer partnerships.

There are many ways you can attract influencers, but this discussion will focus on Calendar Mapping. If you Google “Calendar Mapping” you won’t find much about it, if anything. I might just be the first person to coin the term. It’s honestly very simple to grasp and almost borders pure common sense.

Calendar Mapping is the act of reviewing and organizing your influencers’ important happenings with the intention of spotting opportunities that overlap with your goals. This information is then used to create great content that attracts influencers and leads to engagement.

Once you’ve organized one of your influencer’s happenings, you might immediately spot some “low hanging fruit” that you want to quickly jump on. This is great, however, the magic happens when you organize multiple influencers’ happenings (calendar) along with your own company’s happenings (calendar). This allows for a more comprehensive view of what your target market is seeing or hearing, and helps you focus on only the best opportunities.

A Simple Persona Building Exercise for Marketers [Free Template]

Building personas is only difficult when we overcomplicate it by thinking of our customers as potential leads versus normal people. You can avoid this trap by stepping outside of formal persona building tools and instead using a simple writing exercise.

This exercise provides a creative and simple way to describe your customer while also building your personas.

5 Steps to Building Your First Buyer Persona

Building buyer personas has become increasingly difficult because there is a lot of pressure on doing it perfectly. Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t make perfect the enemy of good?” This couldn’t be more true in this situation.

So, how do you approach buyer personas?

First, understand that you’re only creating a first iteration at the beginning - not the final version.

Crawl before you walk. The first iteration of your persona is what you will continue to build on as you progress. With this in mind, you should already be feeling less pressure. Now let’s review some tips to help you get off to a good start with your first iteration.

The Big Deal About Facebook Ads

"Facebook ads in general, absolutely rock for advertisers who know how to target well & design ads well." –Guy Kawasaki

"Facebook ads is the single best ad product since early google ad words … it’s the best ROI ad product of all time.” –Gary Vaynerchuk

"I think you might really have something here." –Jerry Seinfeld to Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Ads are arguably the most versatile marketing tool in modern history. The creativity and precision you can apply with these type of ads is astonishing. On April 5, 2016, I’ll be teaching a Facebook ads workshop helping Tampa Bay professionals to better use this tool. But for now let me explain why Facebook Ads are so powerful:

The Journey Toward Losing My First 20lbs

Initial Goal: To lose 20lbs of fat by May 23rd (10 weeks).

First let me tell you why. There are several reasons but here are my top four:

  • It's the next big step in becoming a better husband to my bride and father to my 6.
  • I'm tired of living in the “glory days”. I love healthy living but haven't truly practiced in years. I'm ready to reunite with my lost love.
  • I'm tired of feeling sick and getting sick so easily. Even as I write this I'm sick and in bed.
  • Because I can't authentically be the CEO of a marketing agency that specializes in promoting health, wellness & fitness brands.

And to be brutally honest I need the increased confidence that losing 20 brings.... and to be even more honest, I'm nearly out of clothes to wear.

Facebook for Fitness: 5 Takeaways from Matt Ashwood’s TBSW16 Talk

Songbird’s Director of Marketing & Culture, Matt Ashwood delivered one of the highlights of our Health & Fitness Track at Tampa Bay Startup Week 2016. Jam-packed with tips, examples, and insight, his keynote educated fitness entrepreneurs on how they should be using Facebook to drive sales. Here are 5 key takeaways from Matt’s presentation:

Nailing the Shot: Highlights from Steven Le’s Photography Workshop at TBSW16

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Songbird Agency, True Grit Fit and Peerfit in bringing a fitness photography workshop to Tampa Bay Startup Week. Photographers from all over Tampa Bay came out to gain tips, techniques, and hands-on training for creating high-end commercial fitness photos.

Songbird Celebrates A Successful Health & Fitness Track at Tampa Bay Startup Week

Team Songbird had a blast at Tampa Bay Startup Week 2016, where we hosted our inaugural Health & Fitness Track featuring local entrepreneurs, gym owners, fitness experts and thought leaders.

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