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The Journey Toward Losing My First 20lbs

Initial Goal: To lose 20lbs of fat by May 23rd (10 weeks).

First let me tell you why. There are several reasons but here are my top four:

  • It's the next big step in becoming a better husband to my bride and father to my 6.
  • I'm tired of living in the “glory days”. I love healthy living but haven't truly practiced in years. I'm ready to reunite with my lost love.
  • I'm tired of feeling sick and getting sick so easily. Even as I write this I'm sick and in bed.
  • Because I can't authentically be the CEO of a marketing agency that specializes in promoting health, wellness & fitness brands.

And to be brutally honest I need the increased confidence that losing 20 brings.... and to be even more honest, I'm nearly out of clothes to wear.

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